Percussion Program

The percussion program at Clearview Regional High School, under the direction of Tom Maioriello, is an extension of the concert band program. Students learn fundamentals of percussion playing, including rhythm, tempo, technique, and reading, on numerous pitched and unpitched percussion. Students perform in percussion ensembles based in their ensemble, while also working on solo etudes.

2021-2022 Performance Schedule

Clearview Percussion Ensemble Concert February 16th

Clearview Regional High School, 7pm start

High School & Middle School Percussion Ensembles



TIA Haddon Heights Show April 2nd

Haddon Heights High School, 1:27pm perforamance

Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble

2022 District Percussion Ensembles Concert

Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble

Wind Symphony Percussion Ensemble

Symphonic Band Percussion Ensemble

8th Grade Percussion Ensemble

7th Grade Percussion Ensemble