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Back-to-School Night Information

This is the information from the high school's back to school night.

New Instrumental Music Website:

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Performance Calendar

Fall Performance Tour (Wind Ensemble Only)

•Clearview Reg. M.S., J. Mason Tomlin, Pleasant Valley School (Tentative)

•October 6th– Day Trip

Winter Band Concert

•Toscano Theatre, Clearview Regional H.S.

•December 6th – 7:00pm

SJBODA Concert Band Festival

•Pfleeger Hall, Rowan University

•March 6th or 7th – Day Performance

New Jersey State Band Gala (ensemble must qualify)

•Toscano Theatre, Clearview Regional H.S.

•May 15th– 7:00pm

Spring Band Concert

•Toscano Theatre, Clearview Regional H.S.

•May 15th– 7:00pm

Day of Remembrance (Wind Ensemble Only)

•Multi-Purpose Room, Clearview Regional M.S.

•May 25th-10:00am

Guest Conductor

Dr. Wesley Broadnax will be joining us in the spring to conduct on the spring program. Dr. Broadnax is the Associate Director of Music and Director of Bands at Drexel University in Philadelphia. We are excited to have Dr. Broadnax work with both ensembles for the second year in a row!

Jazz Band Auditions

Auditions for the jazz band will take place with Mr. DeLoach in late October/early November. See Mr. DeLoach for more information.

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