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Marching Band Update (10/9-10/15)

Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered or attended the TOB show on Saturday at Clearview. The event was a fantastic success, and the weather could not have been better. Here is the updated schedule for next week; please notice the change in report time for Sunday's competition at Deptford High School

Monday – Winds/Percussion (6-9pm)

  • Starting Inside

  • No Props at All

  • Must be out of the school by 9:30pm

Tuesday – Colorguard (6-9pm)

  • Check with staff about props

Wednesday– Full Ensemble (6-9pm)

  • All Props

Friday– Full Ensemble (3:30-5pm)

  • Piano & Couch ONLY

Saturday– TOB West Deptford

  • 10am – Rehearsal (Break in the Middle-Bring Snack)

  • 3pm – Eat, Pack, & Load

  • 5pm – Depart for West Deptford High School

  • 8pm – Performance

  • 10:45pm (Approx.) Return to Clearview

Sunday – TOB Deptford

  • 11am – Rehearsal

  • 2:30pm – Eat, Pack, & Load

  • 4pm – Depart for Deptford High School

  • 6:45pm – Performance

  • 9:00pm – (Approx.) Return to Clearview

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