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Clearview Students Make All-Region Ensembles

Congratulations to the eight Clearview students that successfully auditioned for the Region III Honors Band and Orchestra. These students will represent Clearview at Rowan University on either January 3rd-5th or January 10th-12th.

Region III Honors Band Members

Jordan Beckman Euphonium - 1st Chair Euphonium, Wind Ensemble

Jasmine Dickson Trumpet - 4th Chair Trumpet, Wind Ensemble & 2nd Chair Trumpet, Orchestra

Hayden Vogel Tuba - 2nd Chair Tuba, Wind Ensemble

Krystal Yearis Flute - 2nd Chair Flute, Symphonic Band

Emma Sawyer Flute - 4th Chair Flute, Symphonic Band

Kyle Lin Bassoon - Symphonic Band

Trevor Jones Trumpet - Symphonic Band

Marissa Weaver Trombone - 3rd Chair, Symphonic Band & Orchestra

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