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Information about Remote Learning

Good afternoon,

A few things related to the band program over the next couple of weeks.

>Students should plan on bringing their instruments home on Monday following school.

· All students should clean their instrument/mouthpiece as soon as possible.

o Flute players should clean their headjoint and swab their instrument, if possible.

o Clarinet/Saxophone players should clean their mouthpieces, change their reeds and swab their instrument, if possible.

o All woodwind players should plan on changing their reeds if possible.

o Brass players should clean their mouthpiece with soap and water.

· We will have disinfection spray available tomorrow during class for brass and woodwind mouthpieces.

· The band room will be open throughout the evening tomorrow for students.

>Students in Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band should join the Remind/Google Classroom account associated with their class. There will be updates throughout the next couple weeks using both platforms

· Wind Ensemble -- @viewwe1920

· Symphonic Band -- @viewsb1920

>Ensemble auditions for the 2020-2021 School Year are still on for March 30th – April 8th.

· If we are still out of school during that week we will push back the auditions until a later date.

· Music for auditions can be found on or in the Band Room Music Cabinets.

>As of now all large ensemble performances are on as scheduled. If there are changes moving forward we will update you as soon as possible.

· Gloucester County Teen Arts is going digital to cope with school closings. Students that expressed interest should see Mr. Wiernusz or Mrs. Gable for more information.

>The Marching Band Trip being planned to Washington D.C. in early May has been postponed.

I hope that everyone has a safe two weeks,

Tyler Wiernusz

Clearview Regional High School Bands


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