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Ensemble Audition Modifications

Due to the recent school closing announcement, ensemble Auditions for the Honors Wind Ensemble for the 2020-2021 school year are going to be done online. Woodwind/Brass students need to upload at least 2 of the 3 excerpts from the audition music using the attached GoogleForm. Each excerpt should be its own separate file, with one excerpt on each recording. All recordings need to be without metronome and the instrument must be visible throughout the entire excerpt. Percussion students should adhere to the requirements set forth by Mr. Maioriello

Recordings and forms for Woodwind/Brass players need to be completed and submitted by Friday May 8th, 2020. Information about the auditions and additional links to the GoogleForm are available at the Clearview Band website, If you have any questions about the process of recording and uploading, please contact Mr. Wiernusz at

GoogleForm Upload:

Ensemble Audition Information:

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