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Band Night with the Clearview Marching Band

Current Eighth grade and High School band students are invited to join us at Clearview’s home football game on Friday October 22nd to perform the national anthem, play pep music in the stands during the game, and watch a performance from the Clearview Marching Band. All students that attend will receive dinner provided by our Band Parent Organization during halftime of the football game. Students whose parents are not planning on staying for the duration of the game should plan on being picked up following the marching bands’ halftime performance and dinner, otherwise students are invited to stay for the entire game.

Signups for students are below - there will be a follow up email later in the week with information about pickup for students. In the meantime, a tentative schedule is listed further down, for more information about band night or the high school program please visit our website at viewband.org/band-night. If you have any questions, please feel to reach out to me directly at twiernusz@clearviewregional.edu.

Band Night – Signup: https://forms.gle/zNVQ6sKaKa1yavKH8

Band Night -- Student Schedule

6:00p –Students arrive and have a short rehearsal with Marching Band

6:57p – National Anthem

7:00p – Kickoff, all students in stands

Halftime (Approx. 8:00p) – Performance from Clearview Marching Band & Dinner Provided

*- Mr. DeLoach will send a follow up email to confirm details about pickup.

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