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Clearview Students Selected for All-Region Ensembles

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to the Region III Honors Ensembles:

  • Joey Lindenbaum (Clarinet, Symphonic Band)

  • Stephen Stout (Trumpet, Symphonic Band)

  • Ricky Beckman (Horn, Symphonic Band & Violin, Symphonic Orchestra)

  • Shane Shenk (Trombone, Symphonic Band & Symphonic Orchestra)

  • Brendan Burke (Tuba, Symphonic Band & Chamber Ensembles)

  • Eleanor Race (Percussion, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, & Chamber Ensembles)

  • Liliana Woody (Mallets, Symphonic Band)

  • Ricky Beckman (Violin, MS Orchestra)

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