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Concerts Update - Spring 2021

Hello afternoon

Hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe and warm! I'm writing to let you know that our Administration has given us the go ahead to hold Live Streamed Spring Band Concerts later in the spring. All of the High School sports in the area are live streaming games so we thought, "why not live stream our band concerts?" There will be multiple nights of concerts as each High School Band (we have three) will have their own night which will minimize the amount of students in the building and specifically minimize the amount of students in the auditorium at any given time.

What will this look like? There would be no audience at all. No one will be in the auditorium or school during the performance except the Band and the individuals that are running the cameras for the live stream. All family and friends will be able to watch this live performance on YouTube while it happens and then as many times as desired afterwards through the YouTube link. We will follow all safety protocols that we are doing during the school day, namely: Students will be socially distanced on the stage ; students will be masked up except when performing; and we will utilize all instrument specific safety equipment.

PARTICIPATION IN THIS CONCERT IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. This concert will NOT be part of the formal assessment grades as in previous years. This means that if you and your child do not feel like this is a performance that you are comfortable with participating in, there will not be any consequence for not participating. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL ONLY IF YOUR SON/DAUGHTER WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THIS CONCERT. You do not need to give any explanation.

Logistically, there are a lot of moving parts to make this concert happen. One of the most important parts will be a combined rehearsal with all of the participating students all together. This rehearsal will be the only time besides the actual concert night that these students will be playing music all together this year. With the importance of attendance at both of these nights I wanted to give you our tentative Spring Concert dates. We understand athletics and extracurriculars, especially at the high school, may be of concern, we are going to work around them as much as possible.

Symphonic Band Dates

Rehearsal – Tuesday April 6th (7:00pm)

SPRING CONCERT – Tuesday April 13th (7:00pm)

Wind Symphony Dates

Rehearsal – Wednesday April 7th (7:00pm

SPRING CONCERT – Wednesday April 14th (7:00pm)

Wind Ensemble Dates

Rehearsal – Thursday April 8th (7:00pm)

SPRING CONCERT – Thursday April 15th (7:00pm)

We are trying to offer some semblance of normalcy in a world that is completely different than it was a year ago. Please know that I completely understand if you are not comfortable with or are unable to have your child participate in this concert. Sorry for the long email, please contact me with any questions. (and if you are reading a majority of this email for the second or third time – thanks!)

Mr. Tyler Wiernusz

Clearview Regional High School Bands

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