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New Jersey Solo and Ensemble Festival Information

More Information:

This is an opportunity for students to perform a piece of their choice and receive feedback from professional educators and performers. Students will also receive a rating (I to V scales). In the past the feedback to the students has been fabulous, and it is a great opportunity to perform pieces that you are working on for all-state/region or with private teachers.

Students can also choose to perform in small ensembles (Groups up to 15 students) and go through the same process. The Solo and Ensemble is open to instruments (winds, brass, percussion, guitar, piano, ect) and vocalists (classical, musical, popular).

Below is the timeline for students, it is important that students are responsible for keeping track of what they need to do. Students who are interested should start making preparations now.


>>Need to confirm interest and provide the following information by March 1st

· Student(s) Name

· Music Being Performed

· Composer of Piece

· Publisher of Piece (If you aren’t sure about this talk to Mr. Wiernusz)

>>Money Due to Mr. Wiernusz by April 1st ($20 for students)

>>Recordings Submitted to Mr. Wiernusz: May 1st

>>Ratings and Commentary Released to Student: June 1st

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