Scrip 101


What Is It?  

You purchase gift cards at full value and the retailer gives a percentage of the card's value to the Clearview Band Parents' Association.


For example:  You purchase a $100 gift card for Shop Rite.  You pay $100.  You use the gift card to buy $100 of groceries.  Shop Rite gives our band $4 (4% of the card value).


How To Start

  1. Go to

  2. Register by creating a username and password.

  3. To benefit our band you need to register with our enrollment code. Get the code by emailing Script Coordinator



How It Works

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in and shop for gift cards.

  3. Check out - no need to pay online

  4. The scrip coordinator will automatically receive notification of your order.

  5. Write a check for the full value of your gift card order to 'Clearview Band Auxillary'. Put it in the office collection box or give it to the CMB scrip coordinator or treasurer.

  6. You gift cards will be hand delivered to you by the scrip coordinator less than a week later.



  • Orders will go out every Thursday.  (Tally of all orders placed over the last week. (Thurs – Wed)

  • Cards will be available for pickup from the Scrip Coordinator at the beginning of band practice the following Wednesday.


Funds raised through the gift card program will be tracked individually for each student.

  • For example, if you buy one $100 gift card for Shop Rite, your student's account will be credited with $4, which can be used to help pay for his or her band trip in November.

  • Since the cards are purchased and used at full value, the fundraising costs you nothing.

  • Consistent use of gift cards for your everyday purchases could pay for your student's whole trip!



Other Details

  • The list of retailers is extensive: ShopRite, CVS, Home Depot, Target, Gap, Wawa, Movies, Restaurants, iTunes, Hotels, etc. Check it out!

  • Take note that the donation percentage differs for each retailer.

  • There is no time limit to this fundraiser. It's year-round.

  • Use if for everyday purchases: gifts, meals, vacations, etc.

  • If all band families spent the national average (for a family of four) at Shoprite ($750 a month) and used scrip, our band would raise over $20,000 per year. That's over half of our annual operating budget!

  • If you prefer, you can have the payment directly debited from your bank account.  A small fee applies to direct debit.  There is no fee if you pay by check written to the Clearview Marching Band Parents' Association.


Recruit Others for your student!

  • There is no limit to the number of families that can register.

  • You do not have to have a student in the band.

  • Please feel free to encourage friends and family to enroll.

  • The only limitation will be on the delivery of the cards.


Further questions should be addressed to:

Scrip Coordinator - Michelle Snyder

Treasurer - Sue Hitchner