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Mission Statement

The Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band classes are dedicated to the musical, emotional, and intellectual development of instrumental music students in the Clearview Regional High School.

Achievement of this mission will include the following:

  • Mastery of fundamental aural and oral music training, foundational theory knowledge, as well as core instrumental technique.

  • Study of a diverse selection of wind musical repertoire; including cornerstone band literature, transcriptions from other musical mediums, works with featured artists, and popular music arrangements/transcriptions.

  • Development of critical evaluation skills and application to musical performances, both on the individual and ensemble levels.

  • Interaction and collaboration with peer musicians, as well as professional music educators, conductors, and performers.

  • Placement of musical literature, composes, and ideas into social, historical, and cross-disciplinary contexts.

  • Individual, chamber ensemble, and large ensemble performances for diverse audiences; including school populations, the extended Mullica Hill community, as well as regional and state audiences.



Performance & Reheasal

25 % of Total Grade

Chamber Project

25 % of Total Grade



25 % of Total Grade

Technical Skills

25 % of Total Grade

Performance & Schedule

District Concerts

December 10th, 2019

View Band Series: Winter Band Concert

Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, & Symphonic Band

May 12th, 2020

View Band Series: Spring Band Concert

Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, & Symphonic Band

May 22nd, 2019

Day of Remembrance

Wind Ensemble

Travel Performance

March 3rd/4th, 2019

South Jersey Band Festival (Rowan University)

Wind Ensemble & Wind Symphony

May 3rd, 2019

NJBA State Band Gala (The College of New Jersey)

**Ensemble Must Qualify through Region Band**


Percussion Concerts

December 19th, 2019

Winter Percussion Concert

High School & Middle School Percussion Ensembles

April 7th, 2019

Spring Percussion Concert

High School & Middle School Percussion Ensembles

All performances are mandatory. Failure to attend a scheduled performance will result in a twenty percent deduction of the performance grade per missed performance.

Concert Attire

Students are expected to follow the prescribed concert attire for all performances. The attire for each performance will be provided approximately three weeks prior to each performance. If a student is unable to procure the proper concert attire, they must contact Mr. Wiernusz immediately to arrange a clothing alternative.


Failure to attend a concert in proper dress will result in a twenty percent deduction of the performance grade, as well as the student being unable to perform the concert.


Rehearsals take place during class time. All students are expected to be in the classroom and warming up no more than 3 minutes following the on-time bell. Repeated tardiness will result in a reduction of the performance/rehearsal grade.


Occasional after school rehearsals and sectionals will be scheduled as needed. Two weeks notice will be provided for all after-school rehearsals.


A full calendar of performances and rehearsals is found here

Chamber Music Program

Chamber music meetings will take place both during and after school. Groups that need additional time preparing their musical work should be prepared to meet before and after school as necessary to ensure quality performance. 



Information regarding chamber program found here


Recordings & Reflections

Students will engage in both self-reflection and critical analysis of other throughout the school year. Students are expected to be introspective on their performance, as well as providing commentary beneficial for the betterment of the individual and ensemble. Recording evaluations will include, but are not limited to:

Source Recording Evaluation (Large Ensemble Only)

Mid-Cycle Recording Evaluation (Large Ensemble Only)

End of Cycle Recording Evaluation (Large Ensemble & Chamber Music)


Students should be prepared to complete performance evaluations on certain skills, based on the ensemble in which they are enrolled as well as the level they are currently performing.


Students using SmartMusic must achieve a 90% or higher according to the program to receive credit for the skill and/or passage. Skills include technical passages relevant to the development of dexterity in multiple keyalities and tonalities, as well as melodic passages for development in expressive qualities.


Students always have the option to use the SmartMusic program on the designated computer in one of the music classrooms. Specific times should be scheduled with Mr. Wiernusz in advance to ensure the space is available.


Information regarding SmartMusic Program found here

Technical Skills Testing


Equipment Responsibilities

Instrument Loans

Students who need to borrow instruments from the school should see Mr. Wiernusz to sign out an instrument. Students will complete an Instrument Loan Contract to certify that they are responsible for routine maintenance as well as any extraordinary damage that comes to the instrument.


Instrument Repairs

All students are expected to keep their instrument in proper working condition for the entirety of the school year. Any student with a broken instrument must get it to a repair show as soon as possible. If the instrument is a school instrument, please tell Mr. Wiernusz immediately, regardless of how the instrument broke. Students who fail to participate in class due to a broken instrument will forfeit their participation grade for that class period.


Please see Mr. Wiernusz for information regarding quality local repair locations as well as online vendors for care and maintenance supplies. Mr. Wiernusz has a very limited supply of these for purchase, and they are first come, first serve.

Additional Equipment

Students are expected to have the following pieces of equipment at every rehearsal in addition to their instrument and all related supplies:


All music, including warm-ups, ensemble, and chamber music

Pencil (not Pen)

Rehearsal Journal


Tuner (may be on phone)

Metronome (may be on phone)

Music Apps on phone (see below)


Please See the Resources Tab for more information regarding additional resources for wind ensemble

Additional Resources