Chamber Music

The chamber music program at Clearview Regional High School is an extension of the concert band program. Students are encouraged to pursue a variety of ensemble instrumentation and variations in both pre-arranged and student-arranged configurations.

Clearview Regional High School

      Chamber Music Program

Brass Ensemble Performances

Brass Ensemble @ Local Venues  TBD

Brass Ensemble @ H.S. Open House Date TBD

Auditioned Performances

New Jersey Solo & Ensemble - Regional Festival  TBD Auditioned**

Appel Farm Teen Arts Festival  2022 Date TBA Auditioned**

New Jersey Teen Arts  2022 Date TBA Auditioned**

Outside Venues

Rowan University Community Music School (Glassboro, NJ)

Conservatory of Musical Arts (Haddonfield, NJ)

2021 New Jersey Solo and Ensemble Participants

Jordan Beckman (Euphonium) - Region and State, Gold*

Jasmine Dickson (Trumpet) - Region, Gold*

Emma Sawyer (Flute) - Region, Silver

Krystal Yearis (Flute) - Region, Silver

Eleanor Race (Percussion) - Region, Silver

Saxophone Quartet - Region, Silver

Dan Paolello (Horn) - Region, Bronze

Ricky Beckman (Violin) - Region, Bronze

Notable Performances

WE Saxophone Quartet     2020 New Jersey State Conference

WE Saxophone Quartet     2019 Teen Arts State Festival

WE Woodwind Quintet      2019 Teen Arts State Festival

WE Brass Ensemble          Inspira Mullica Hill Opening (2018)