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Ensemble Auditions

Audition Requirements


Additional Information

Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements

  • All students must sign-up for an audition time during the week of May 20th - May 24th, 2024

  • Auditions will take place during designated before or after-school time slots, or by reservation during the school day.

                    (4th, 6th , or 7th Period for high school students; 1st Period for current middle school students)



Woodwinds, Brass, & Double Bass

  • All 12 Major Scales 

  • Sightreading



  • Maller scales and etudes (See Mr. Maiorello)

  • Additional performance on auxiliary percussion instruments

Audition Sign-ups



  • Ability to prepare and perform musical selections at a high level

  • Rhythmic accuracy in multiple meters

  • Tone Production and intonation throughout multiple registers

  • Past performance in ensembles

  • Recommendations of instructors

Additional Information

Additional Information


Honors Wind Ensemble is an honors class at Clearview Regional High School, meaning students are expected to complete work beyond the scope of a normal music student.


Students who successfully audition for the ensemble MUST enroll full-time

in Wind Ensemble. Any conflicts must be provided to Mr. Wiernusz as soon as possible.



Evening Rehearsals

Additional evening rehearsals may be added to the Wind Ensemble calendar in preparation for the rigorous performance schedule. Students must attend all evening rehearsals or communicate with Mr. Wiernusz well in advance of the rehearsal.



Seating & Part Assignments

 Students who successfully audition for the Wind Ensemble will be given part assignments

in the fall during the first two weeks of school. Additional preparation may be asked of students,

depending on the results of spring auditions.

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