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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my child have to have experience playing a band instrument to sign up for band?
A. Yes. Students who sign up for Band should have played a band instrument for at least one year in elementary/middle school. The only exception would be if the student has taken private lessons on the band instrument.

Q. What instruments are in the Concert Band? Does the band have guitar and piano?
A. Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone (Alto, Tenor Baritone), Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone Tuba and Percussion (Drum and Mallet instruments). Guitar and electric bass are not included in concert band, the classical upright bass and piano are included sometimes at the high school level.

Q. Is there a possibility for any Band students to switch instruments in 7th Grade?
A. Yes. Here at Clearview we give students the option to try certain brass and woodwind
instruments that might not be common in elementary school but are needed in a Concert Band. These instruments are OBOE, BASSOON, BARITONE, FRENCH HORN, TUBA.

Q. Do Band Classes meet &  rehearse everyday?

A. Yes. Concert Band is a scheduled curricular class at both the middle school and high school. All band classes meet every day for 42 minutes.

Questions? Contact Mr. Tyler Wiernusz

Q. Does my child have to bring his/her instrument home every night or is there a secure place it can be stored in the band room?
A. Students can leave instruments in the school during the week. The band room at both schools has instrument storage lockers where students can store instruments. The band room is locked and secured every night and during the day. 

The expectation is that students bring home instruments (at minimum) every weekend to practice. More advanced classes will require additional at-home practice time.

Q. Does Clearview provide a rental company for band instruments?
A. No. If your child signs up for band, the expectation is that your child has an instrument either rented or owned. The only exception being below....

Q. If my child switches instruments, do I need to rent or buy ANOTHER instrument?
A. No. If your child switches instruments, Clearview will provide the instrument for your child. We will also take care of the cost for any accidental repair damage.

Q. Does my child need to take a band class in order to participate in an extracurricular ensemble?
A. Yes, all students that participate in any extracurricular ensemble must be enrolled in a band class. This is to ensure that students receive the foundational skills necessary to achieve at a high level in rigorous extracurricular groups.

Exceptions are made for students involved in the colorguard, and rare occasions where a student participates on a non-concert band instrument in one of the jazz bands. Schedule conflicts are handled on a case-by-case basis, and require coordination with the guidance department.

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