Jazz Band

The jazz band(s) are after school program designed to further the study of traditional jazz methods and repertoire. The ensemble performs at local and community events in the winter and spring seasons. Students are expected to attend every after school rehearsal and should communicate with the director if any conflict arises.

Rehearsal Schedule


2021 Jazz Improv Sessions

March 5th & 8th

March 17th & 18th

March 25th & 26th

2019-2020 Roster


Ryan W.

Jasmine D.

James S.

Trevor J.

Kirsten G.

Rhythm Section

Drums - Adam R. & Sam W.

Keyboards -  Sam J. & TBD

Guitar - Jacob H.

Bass - Hayden V.


Alto Sax - Ellie L.

Alto Sax - Noah B.

Alto Sax - Tara D.

Tenor Sax - Ben T.

Tenor Sax - Jake C.

Tenor Sax - Noel R.

Bari Sax - Jon T.


Marissa W.

Christian R.

Jordan B.

Ian K.

Mark G.